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What We Do
We find new customers online

1. Performance
Our focus is on results

Performance based Marketing is a low-risk, cost-effective method for advertisers to generate user specific actions.

2. Cost-Effective
Know the audience

Our services can deliver user actions like online purchases, registrations, downloads, signups or app installs.

3. Business Model
Measure, Optimize & Repeat

We offer a guaranteed quality traffic and users actions. Our goal is a long business relationship with our clients.

4. No fees
High quality

Campaigns are completely customizable - determine your own terms, rates, and other factors.You pay only for true performance!

5. Markets
Worlwide leads

From a full-service mobile search campaigns to lead generation, we will deliver a uniquely-tailored strategy that will meet your business needs.

6. Having Fun
Office Surfing (with chairs!)

It is all about getting the best ROI. Together we will decide on what performance marketing strategy and tactics are best suited for your specific goals.

I have been extremely impressed with Digital-Minds. It is a pleasure working
their creative and inovative team.

Jane Awesome - Big Corp

This is now the third time I've worked with Digital-Minds and the service they
provide is amazing.
Thank you guys!

Jack Smith - Spaceship Corp

I love Digital-Minds. Absolutely amazing results and experience creating my campaigns.
An environment where you interact with
incredible talent!

Jane Jackson - Galaxy Corp

International Brands, Are Some Of
Our Satisfied Clients.

Check some of our campaigns and apps that we have done since 2007.

Our Roadmap
Performance with Results

Online Users are the heartbeat of our business. Our promise is to build campaigns around targets, demands and budgets.

We are really excited with the new projects and we will continue to create campaigns that already have the interested of web users and smartphones lovers from across the world. .

Mobile Performance Marketing


Digital Web Performance Campaigns


Desktop Campaigns


Recognitions & Awards

Received for our commitment with excellence and innovation

Apple Recognition
iTuner Radio App

A stream radio app directory developed by Digital-Minds and considered by iTunes-Apple one of the 25 Best apps of 2012 on Latin America(18 countries). iTuner Radio was on TOP 1 music ranking in more than 50 countries worldwide for several months with more than 5 Million downloads.So far we are the only Portuguese company with this achievement.

SAPO Award 2012
MySMS Banking app

Sapo award.Best mobile campaign of 2012. An app developed by Digital-Minds for the Portuguese market that allowed users to interact with several different bank accounts using a messaging system.

TOP 1 in 80 Countries
Angry Chickens Game

An iPhone game developed in 2011 by Digital-Minds that reached number 1 position of the App store(iOs) in more than 80 countries. Including USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia,Italy, Spain, etc. So far we are the only Portuguese company with this achievement.

A Perfect Product is Passion, Dedication, and a lots of Coffee


The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra


The Desire to Create is One of the Deepest Yearnings of the Human Soul


Performance based Marketing

We are an award-winning company specialising in digital marketing

1. Web & Mobile
Our DNA since 2007

Long gone are the days of building a website and expecting consumers to come to you. To be relevant today, digital marketers need to actively seek out consumers on their internet devices and that's what we have doing on the last nine years.

2. About us
Pioneers on mobile space

Digital Minds was founded in October of 2007. Over the years, we have been creating web/mobile marketing campaigns and apps for Fortune 500 Companies like Coca-Cola, McCann Erickson, Vodafone, McDonalds, Kraft Foods and TVI24, LogiTravel, RockinRio, Optimus.

3. Recognitions & Awards
On Products & Services that we have build

Digital Minds has carved its niche in the web & mobile marketing development industry. We have received different awards and recognitions from Apple, iTunes, Sapo, and from many others institutions and consumers.

4. Our Mission & Values
The heart of our company culture

Our company mission is to revolutionize how the world engages with entertainment and information on internet devices. The core values of our company are performance, innovation, excellence, teamwork & Integrity.

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